A basic medical history form will be sent to be filled prior to the first session. Sessions last between 60-75 minutes. We take some time at the start to discuss your current health and wellbeing. 

We then spend a short time ‘settling together’, with an intention to connect with the body, and feeling states, deepening a sense of resource, using focusing tools. This may be done sitting or lying down.

This is followed by session work where you are invited to lie down, remaining fully clothed. The therapist will make gentle contact with her hands or attention, with different parts of your body, while allowing for healing processes to take place.

How does

a session unfold?

Every single session will feel beneficial, though we often notice more significant changes after a few sessions. Deep healing processes and building up of energy are facilitated with regular Craniosacral Therapy sessions. Weekly, or fortnightly sessions are ideal.

People may aim for short term therapy (6-10 sessions), or continue over time depending on the type of issues they are encountering. 

We suggest planning for 6 treatments initially, and make a review on the 6th session.

These are for guidance only, and clients are free to interrupt their bookings at any point.

Treatment Program

As much as possible, allow some time to slow down, relax and prepare yourself before the appointment. It is highly recommended to avoid caffeine on the day. This will allow for your nervous system to be more available and benefit more deeply from the session.


After the treatment, the deep relaxation process will continue, and you may feel some tiredness. It is very beneficial to make space for rest or gentle activities, so that your system can keep harnessing the benefits of the session. Please avoid intense exercise or physical activity in the following 24 hours.

Taking care

Practitioners are required to keep for record relevant medical history information and sessions notes. These are stored securely and anonymously according to GDPR guidelines.

Therapy sessions are currently offered on a sliding scale basis. Thank you for contributing between £25-£50/session according to your financial situation.

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