Natural Rhythms is offering remote therapy sessions, using the craniosacral approach. Even at a distance, there is much power in being held in a safe, non-judgmental, conscious space. 


The practitioner is using her compassionate attention, anatomical precision and awareness of biodynamic processes to support clients accessing deep relaxation states where healing can take place. This allows for physical, mental and emotional shifts to arise, with tensions being released and inner resources to come to the forefront for more ease and wellbeing.


These sessions unfold in the same way than hands-on craniosacral sessions and take place online via zoom. They start with a time to speak about one’s current health and wellbeing, a short, guided ‘settling time’ to orient to the body, and about 45 minutes session time lying down. Throughout the treatment, there is space for communication and interaction.


using Craniosacral skills

Clients report many positive sensations, including physical tensions releasing, letting go of the mind, feeling restored and energised.


' I had the pleasure to receive an online session with Celia. I was amazed that doing it online was as impactful as in person, even when I had not met Celia. Celia's care and attention was felt in my body and I was able to really relax with her. I felt much lighter and also grounded after our session. I recommend Celia, she is someone deeply in touch and connected, working from her heart. Thank you Celia.

T., 32 years old


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Orienting to

Your inherent health

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